Bruce Thompson of LBCC Loss Prevention shows off the surveillance system in the Public Safety office. Photo by William Allison

“Prevent theft – Secure locker before leaving locker room”

This is what students are faced with upon entering and exiting the locker rooms in the Activity Center. However, locks didn’t stop a determined thief from cutting the metal lockers open in the women’s locker room on Friday, Jan. 10.

Albany Police Chief Mario Lattanzio. Photo by William Allison

ALBANY, ORE. – As of July 1, 2013, the Albany Police Department (APD) has a new lead officer. Mario Lattanzio left his role as assistant police chief of the Mesa (Arizona) Police Department when he was chosen as the most qualified of the three candidates that were interviewed for APD’s top position, replacing Ed Boyd.

Lattanzio, 47, who is originally from Las Vegas, lived in several places while he was growing up, including Oregon. After living in Phoenix, Ariz. and completing his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, he realized that the number of jobs in his career of choice was decreasing.

(Now Former) Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller with his Letter to Vice President Biden. Photo by William Allison

Note: This story is from 2013. The Linn County Sheriff is now Bruce Riley.

LINN COUNTY, ORE. – “We didn’t think it’d get this kind of reaction…” But it did.

“Is it too late to stop it?” Linn County Sheriff Mueller asked detective and computer forensics investigator Mike Smith, shortly after uploading his now nationally shared letter.

“Yeah, it’s way too late. It’s out,” said Smith.

On Jan. 14, 2013, Mueller wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden telling him that he was not going to enforce President Barack Obama’s executive order “offending” the American people’s constitutional rights.

A Momiji Sushi dish. Photo by Nicole Crawford.
A Momiji Sushi dish. Photo by Nicole Crawford.

Momiji Sushi, a sushi bar originally located in Salem, opened a second location in North Albany about three years ago.  Owners Jay Tan and Wayne Chen opened the Albany location, which is just over the bridge on Highway 20, due to the great success of the Salem location, and this one seems to be doing just as well.  The Albany Momiji is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

I’m going to start this review out by saying that I am by no means a food critic, nor am I an expert on sushi.  I have, however, worked in several restaurants and know what it takes to make things run smoothly and keep the customers happy and satisfied.  That being said, here is my personal opinion on my favorite restaurant, Momiji.

This review has been updated since the original publication date.

Classic Rock band Styx plays at the 2012 NW Art and Air Festival. Photo by William Allison
Classic Rock band Styx plays at the 2012 NW Art and Air Festival. Photo by William Allison

ALBANY, ORE. – The Northwest Art and Air Festival — it’s an event known throughout the Northwest, and this year is noexception. Over 50,000 people were expected to attend the 13th annual three-day event, according to Lynne Jamison of Albany Parks and Recreation. Throughout the three days, there were vendor booths with many different forms of arts comprising of jewelry, license plate birdhouses, stained glass, photographs, paintings, and much more. Additionally, there were vendors from many local businesses and restaurants showing off and selling their products. While these booths were in the center of all of the excitement, this wasn’t what most people came for; they came for the entertainment.